The 1st On Campus Sustainability Challenge

the 1st on campus sustainability challenge

What is the On-Campus Sustainability Challenge?

youthinkgreen-Egypt’s 1st On-campus Sustainability Challenge is a new and innovative program to educate and engage students in sustainability activities in university campuses in Egypt. The main aim of the program is to empower students to identify environmental challenges and develop solutions in order to make their university campuses more sustainable. Also, the program aims at building a strong university sustainability network in Egypt.

The three month program will run at three universities across Egypt including Alexandria University, Beni Suef University, and Zewail City of Science and Technology. A team of highly motivated undergraduate students from each university from different disciplines will be selected through a written application and a thorough interview.

The program consists of four components: the two day workshop at each of the universities, followed by the 2 month-implementation phase and a pitching workshop which leads up to the project showcase at the end of the program. This program will be the first-of-its-kind competition in Egypt that aims at fostering sustainability and innovation at universities – we hope you will be part of it too.

Topics of the two-day workshop include:

  1. Introduction to Sustainable Development
  2. Capacity Building, focusing on Team-work skills
  3. Ideation


  • 20th - 30th of January: Online written-application
  • 1st - 4th of February: Interviewing short-listed candidates (Note: The interviews will take place at each university campus)
  • 6th - 13th of February: Workshops will take place for two days at each university
  • 14th of February - 20th of April: Teams implement their project ideas on their campuses
  • 23rd of April: Each team will present their projects in the closing ceremony of the program
  • Eligibility:

    Highly motivated students from different majors from the following universities:

  • Alexandria University
  • Beni Suef University
  • Zewail City of Science and Technology
  • Application:

    Application is closed now! stay tuned for our upcoming challenges

    Application deadline was 30th of January at 11:59 pm.

    Main Sponsor

    The On Campus Sustainability Challenge Fellow