Awareness Campaigns

Believing in this quote;“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children” youthinkgreen-Egypt is eager to positively mark a change in the community’s attitudes and lifestyles through continuously organizing different awareness campaigns throughout the year.

Tree of Hope - Action day

Joining the other youthinkgreen teams across the globe, we build the tree of hope, which is a big tree made from discarded waste and recycled materials. Its foliage blooms with messages, wishes, demands, concerns and ideas written on its leaves, which are directed at all stakeholders influencing processes and actions affecting the environment and our societies. Many students wrote their concerns and hopes on the leaves of our tree of hope at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, where the Dean of the Faculty checked it to better understand the needs of the students and to fulfill them.

Green Thread Movement

Every day, we need something to remind us of our duties towards our environment. A green thread tied around our hands will always remind us of green thinking and our duties towards our society. The green thread movement is executed in more than 15 countries worldwide every year.

Change your footprint

In this awareness campaign, we introduce youthinkgreen-Egypt’s movement in public areas and involve everyone around to tie a green band and write his/her own wish on our "Tree of Hope". We also show prototypes of two unique projects from our 1st sustainability summer school; the Solar Tree and the Solar Mobile Cover "Eco-Doysr". Moreover, we demonstrate the steps of paper recycling to the public by using innovative and simple techniques.