Summer Camps


Our “First youth National Sustainability Summer School” started from Saturday the 2nd of August till Thursday the 14th of August. ¬†After interviewing and choosing the most qualified 30 applicants, who are in course to achieve their degree in Bachelor of engineering or science. The theme of this summer school was renewable energy, solar energy in particular. We offered both academic and technical lectures on solar energy as well as improving their soft skills through “presentation skills”, “managerial skills” and “Entrepreneurial thinking” sessions to implement their creative ideas and develop their own sustainable renewable energy projects. We avail practical session as well to learn how to install PV solar panels.

Having Egyptian and German experts sharing their knowledge and experience with young Egyptian entrepreneurs aged between 17 and 24, our carefully selected participants developed a solid background about the solar energy and its modern applications. Moreover, their technical skills were greatly developed through our offered hands-on experiment technical workshops. One of the main goals of the summer school was to come up with five new brilliant projects that are concerned with solar energy to start taking actions toward the energy crisis in Egypt. So we gave them the opportunity to have a field trip as the day started heading to Heliopolis University for sustainable development to attend “Advanced solar energy technologies” seminar then visiting the established PV solar system inside the university. Finally, they went to SEKEM farms where a group got to see the harvesting process and packaging the herbs and the other group got to see the textile industry. After that, both groups visited the medical care unit and the school which are found inside the perimeter of the farm.

The five groups-six members each- were asked to construct and submit a full project plan about solar energy. Not only this but also a presentation about each project was presented in front of our sponsors along with different representatives from the governmental and private sectors.

The yield was totally satisfying as the presented ideas were:

1. Solar mobile cover to charge mobiles wirelessly.

2. Solar tree for lightning and charging electronic devices.

3. A startup that shows how to avail electricity for hotels through solar panels in addition to supporting rooms with hot water.

4. Air-conditioning system that works with solar panels and liquid ammonia instead of Freon.  

Summer Summary 2014