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Third Youth National Sustainability Summer Camp, El Gouna


Our survival as a species in this world depends on the way we manage our resources and our attitude towards the environment. And what resource could be more important to us than water? It's not a secret that Egypt is facing a dangerous water crisis; in fact, the annual water deficit is around 7 billion cubic meters!

The majority of Egyptians do not know that, based on the studies of the United Nations, Egypt will suffer from a severe water scarcity by 2025 due to pollution and environmental degradation!

If you feel the need to change our reality, if you’re interested in sustainability and sustainable development, if your entrepreneurial spirit is high enough and think you have what it takes to come up with smart and innovative solutions for this growing problem and enter the market, then the Third Youth National Sustainability Summer Camp is for you!

From the main goals of the camp was to create an innovative environment for the participants to come out with creative project ideas that tackle some of the problems that the Egyptian community suffer from like electricity outrages and the bad transportation system. Accordingly, we did not lose sight of addressing topics like entrepreneurship, business modeling, marketing & sales, and entrepreneurial finance.
These workshops were essential to help our participants to develop their business plans in order to pitch their ideas in front of a judging committee in the closing ceremony of the camp.

  • What is the Youth Sustainability Summer Camp?

    The Youth Sustainability Summer Camp is an annual event held in Egypt combining between sustainability and entrepreneurship.
    The camp aims at empowering youth to come up with innovative project ideas to help solving Egypt’s major environmental and sustainability challenges taking entrepreneurship as an approach.
    The Third Youth National Sustainability Summer Camp (TYNSSC) will provide a unique atmosphere of innovation, sustainability and productivity, as it will combine lectures, site visits, workshops with hands-on experiments, and social activities to strengthen the youth experience, knowledge of sustainable development, and motivation.
    These various inputs will be facilitated by a number of successful noted trainers, professors, and coaches in the fields of sustainability, water, entrepreneurship, and capacity building who will be present for the entire 3 weeks duration of the camp to guide the participants throughout this journey.

  • Who organizes and supports TYNSSC?

    TYNSSC is organized for the third year in a row by youthinkgreen – Egypt. youthinkgreen is an international youth movement based in Berlin under the patronage of H.E Chancellor Angela Merkel. youthinkgreen is located in more than 15 countries worldwide and team Egypt has been incubated inside Cairo University and run by young Egyptian volunteers, who supports the green movement.
    TYNSSC is supported by Cairo University, the Technical University of Berlin, Campus El-Gouna, Titan Cement Egypt, the German Embassy, GIZ, GESR, Nile University, among others.

    What is the theme of TYNSSC?

    The theme this year will be “Water Sustainability and Entrepreneurship”.
    TYNSSC will be tackling topics like water resources and supply management, treatment and pollution, from the point of view of smart business solutions.
    The main focus topics to be discussed in the camp are:

    1. Concepts of sustainability
    2. Entrepreneurship
    3. Business development
    4. Pitching
    5. Water as a resource (Input vs. output)
    6. Water science
    7. Water pollution
    8. Management and conservation of water
    9. Water Policy
    10. Water reusing & recycling
    11. Personal and Group Skills and Competences
  • What is the program of TYNSSC?

    In addition the workshops in the fields of water, sustainability and entrepreneurship, TYNSSC will include fieldtrips, panel discussions, and various interactive environmental activities.
    During the first part of the camp, the participants will use design thinking tools to innovate solutions to the water scarcity problems in Egypt on different levels including the agricultural, industrial and municipal levels.
    The participants will then learn how to convert these ideas into valid business models fitting the market needs under the guidance of expert entrepreneurship trainers and coaches.
    The participants will then pitch their project ideas in the closing ceremony to a jury consisting of business and sustainability professionals and representatives from Masr El Kheir Foundation - GESR Program and Nile University, where the best teams will be awarded from youthinkgreen and their partners. Also, they will have the chance to join GESR's pre-incubation program and access to Nile University's Innovation Lab - upon meeting GESR and Nile University criteria and evaluation, where they will be able to work on building their prototypes and have technical, business, and financial support from their experts to further validate and build their projects.

  • When will TYNSSC take place?

    TYNSSC will take place from the 5th to the 26th of August 2016.

  • Where will TYNSSC be held?

    TYNSSC is hosted by Technical University of Berlin, Campus El Gouna,Hurghada.

  • Why should you apply to TYNSSC?

    TYNSSC is a unique learning opportunity that combines sustainability and entrepreneurship, with an opportunity to apply what you will learn in a way that could serve the community.
    TYNSSC will help sharpen the entrepreneur inside you and give you an overview of the green market and green business solution. And of course, as always, there will be a side of fun!

  • Who can apply?

    Motivated talented Egyptian youth who are on course to achieving their bachelor degree and graduates up to three years from graduation date(18-26 years old) – willing to innovate in finding ecofriendly solutions to Egyptian water supply crisis in Egypt and introduce these solutions into the Egyptian market.

    Academic background: Engineering, Business, Science, Agriculture, Economics, and Fine or Applied Arts.

  • How much will it cost?
      Accepted applicants will be asked to pay only 850 L.E upon final acceptance, which cover the following:
    1. Accommodation in the dorms of TU Berlin Campus El-Gouna for the whole three weeks.
    2. The Summer Camp's welcome package, materials, workshops and field trips expenses.
    3. Daily two meals and snacks.
    4. Transportation from Cairo to El Gouna and back.
  • Application tips:
      The application consists of 3 parts:
    1. Personal and general information.
    2. Seven essay questions.
    3. Upload of curriculum vitae (CV).

  • Please make sure that you fill the application out carefully since it is the only qualifying channel to the next phase of application for TYNSSC, 2016.
  • Please make sure that you abide to the maximum number of words allowed while answering each of the essay questions.
  • Please note that the application platform doesn't save your answers, your response is only recorded by submitting the application.
  • We recommend that you write all your answers in a separate document on your computer device and after finishing them, you may copy your answers and paste them in the web form.
  • All information you provide in this application are confidential.
  • Kindly note that the message below will appear on your screen after submitting your application, confirming that your application is successfully received.
    (Thank you for your interest in participating in TYNSSC, 2016. This is a confirmation that we have successfully received your application.)
  • Any application submitted after the deadline won't be considered.
  • If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us through our Facebook page, or email us on:
  • Deadline

    Friday, June 24 at 11:59 pm.

  • Application is closed now. Thank you for your interest in applying for TYNSSC